VR Art project for Eurovision 2023

8 May – 13 May 2023

This magic team adopted our VR idea to Eurovision stand about Ukraine.
It was grown from a small idea to show Ukraine as clearly as possible. It grew to the scale of Eurovision.
Ukrainian fundraising platform @u24.gov.ua gave to us opportunities to show 3D video about Ukraine. If I’m being precise, @yaroslava.gres is ready to give all exhibitions about Ukraine for our country.
We brought it to Liverpool from Kyiv.
@veronika_yasynska made magic contact with @lil_marusya__ and and it flew.
Amazing strong women around me.

Incredible power is embedded in all this.
The location with Ukraine is in the center of the Eurovision Village, it is the largest.
Come, try it, feel the deep power. There are trees, flowers and even stones were brought from Ukraine in the pavilion.
You will be able to touch.
Put on VR glasses, fly over Kyiv, see how beautiful the capital in Ukraine is, fly over lakes and rocks, marvel at how beautiful our planet is.
The exhibition will be open from May 5 to 12 without tickets.