Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool was an opportunity for us to do something more than just design. The winner last year was Ukraine, which could not host the festival because of the war.

Anna Troian is a Ukrainian interior designer, so it became a significant task for Troian Studio to participate in social projects to talk about Ukraine and showcase it.

We were fortunate as Troian Studio to have the opportunity to work on the exhibition space for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool. The exhibition “Your Vision of Eurovision”. We were happy to design an exhibition space for the British company Split Perspective and BuilderBook project. It was extremely exciting for us.

Why was this project so important?

BuilderBook is a project that supports mental health in Liverpool, works with children, fosters their creativity and self-confidence, removes boundaries and limitations in thinking, and helps the younger generation to develop.

BuilderBook is a great social creative project. It is an incredible team of authors Natalie Reeves Billing and Jude Lennon. We have come together in spirit and life principles. These values include openness, honesty, decency, creativity, environmental friendliness, helping people, and optimism.

Honestly, I have long dreamed of doing something so cool and non-profit for the British community. I was happy to be part of the team. An exhibition of children’s works about Eurovision. For this exhibition, the BuilderBook team held more than 300 workshops for children. They also published a book about Eurovision, the culture of Ukraine, and Liverpool. The children’s work was collected in beautiful murals by Liverpool artist Natasha Ellise. Troian Studio had the opportunity to plan and develop an exhibition space for children at a real radio station, Liverpool Live Radio. This is a very well-known radio station in Liverpool and Merseyside.

Troian Studio had the following tasks:

Fit the exhibition scenery into the radio workspace

Use Eurovision colors and bright fabrics

Make a photo zone

Fit into the budget