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Fitness clubs

Is there any secret knowledge or magic to avoid tough competition, survive and succeed in the business?

With over 10 years of experience in gym and fitness studio interior design, we have learned that in this progressively in-demand and fairly limited-service space, the key is to stay up-to-date with the newest trends, as well as the desires of the core audience.

We can professionally adapt your gym design to the evolving needs of customers who want what they want without much of a hassle - the most convenient, upscale, and innovative place to work out.

Our complex and thorough approach on creating a gym or fitness center design, includes examine your location and nearest business rivals to make your workout place the most attractive and desirable, return your investment, and increase the revenue. Our team provides a wide range of services for all types of sports facilities based on your budget, ideas, and requirements, whether it is an entire fitness studio interior design project from scratch or a redesign to give it a fresh look:


  • Complete 3D visualization of the rooms
    Complete 3D visualization of the rooms
  • Zoning and space planning
    Yes, this may choreograph the whole perception of the gym's interior design. We can professionally create the proper atmosphere of your place, whichever you want it to be
  • Optimized
    Optimized layout development and fitness equipment arrangement, based on ergonomics, needs, and typical routes of the clients in order to give them seamless experience and comfort;
  • A complete
    A complete package of the gym interior design project documentation for the construction team
  • Specifications
    Specifications of materials for ordering;
  • Assistance
    Assistance in configuration, including workout equipment and accompanying accessories, furnishing, and decoration;
  • Designer supervision service
    Designer supervision service, which means constant, precise project control, and guarantees of the best prices for the furniture, materials and decorations.

We are ready to take care of any additional questions or requests for your gym design, and make sure to bring the interaction with your brand to the most enjoyable and beneficial level for you and your customers.

This might be easy, to just place a sport item into a room. But we know how to transform it into a purpose-built environment - a fully-stocked motivating, inspirational, and perfectly fine-tuned fitness studio interior design that will vibe the wellness lifestyle and vision of your clients.