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How often have you checked into a hotel with this deja vu feeling that you have been there before, even if you have not, and starting to dream about coming back to your comfy home soon right away?

The hospitality business runs in a highly competitive and quickly changing environment, always requiring up-to-date solutions to the design without getting into a trap of generic hotel interiors and styles.

For our young and deeply motivated team, boutique hotel design, big and small hotel design are no foreign concepts. We clearly understand the importance of making a distinctive and unique face to your brand and property as it shapes a whole image with a rich, inspirational story for the clients.

Our mission is to help you give a soul to your hotel interior. Create a memorable, cozy, and, at the same time, extremely functional and comfortable travel environment, making your accommodation a place where people want to be. The design of a hotel is all about the details. We will hear you out and take care of all your wishes on a professional level within short terms, turning your ideas into reality, whatever it could be:


  • Hotel interior design
    Hotel interior design from scratch on a turn-key basis. We will think it through, and deliver it in a fresh and luscious project that will satisfy your aesthetics and budget;
  • Redesign
    Redesign. Refreshing the hotel interior by furnishing, curating textiles and textures, colors, lighting, and elements of decor without going into any global renovations;
  • Rethinking your hotel design
    Rethinking your hotel design, based on the identity and mission of the brand, your core audience, and the location of the property
  • Supplying high-quality materials
    Supplying high-quality materials, decorations, and furniture at the best special offered price from our reliable and trusted suppliers.
  • Designer supervision service
    Designer supervision service. Professional monitoring and support throughout the entire project implementation.

We are open to experimenting with styles and ready to cooperate with properties of any level.

The interior design speaks louder than words. Let’s make it sound like a profit for you and a pleasure for your visitors.