We can’t believe it’s been over a month since Liverpool hosted the 67th Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Ukraine. Part of what made the event a success was the thread of Ukrainian culture that ran throughout. In celebration, we wanted to put the spotlight on a WO client involved in multiple projects that brought Ukrainian art & culture to the forefront of the event:

Ukrainian 3D Interior Designer Anna Troian first contacted us for advice on rebuilding her business in the UK. Anna left Kyiv in 2022, and her family and team remain. As an experienced entrepreneur, she knew she needed a revised business plan for her new market.

A fearless networker, Anna has built strong connections since arriving in Liverpool under unthinkable circumstances. While working tirelessly on her business, she has been involved in multiple community projects throughout Eurovision. Find out more about her work below:

The Ukrainian Eurovision Village

Anna used her contacts to source a VR exhibit by UNITED24, the main Ukrainian foundation platform, in which the viewer experiences a 360 degree perspective of landscapes in Ukraine.

The powerful exhibit was part of an interactive area called See, Hear, Feel Ukraine. It places the wearer over sprawling pre-war Kyiv, various natural wonders in Ukraine, and then amongst the rubble of devastated residential areas destroyed by bombings. She is hoping the exhibit will be displayed in London soon.

“I found contacts for the main location in the Eurovision Village and proposed placing the VR project about Ukraine there. I organized the delivery of VR glasses, and the Ukrainian team embraced this project and adapted their location accordingly, arranging moderators to oversee the exhibit.”

The ‘Paint a House for Ukrainians’ project

With the assistance of Tysmbal Art School, Anna also helped organise the the “Paint a House for Ukrainians” art project.

The art school held a space in the Eurovision Village, where children could learn to draw, and people could recolour traditional Ukrainian paintings to send to people in Ukraine as a show of support. The project received publicity on national television, and Anna was given the opportunity to speak about Ukrainian art and culture on the BBC.

“I saw in this not only an opportunity to show traditional painting techniques, but to make magic. We painted at the Eurovision Village and at Merseymade Art Cafe. A lot of thanks to owner Vikki, who helped to spread our magical effect around the city.”

The Builderbook Project

Anna also had the opportunity to work with the British company Split Perspectivz CIC, which created and developed the Builderbook project led and is led by author Natalie Reeves Billing and storyteller Jude Lennon.

The project supported and nurtured children’s mental health and creativity by engaging community members in Eurovision-themed workshops. It saw 2,500 Eurovision activity packs distributed across the Liverpool city region, and 249 children attended the workshops. The project leaders have since received thanks from the Prime Minister for their contribution to improving mental health in children.

“I worked with an incredible team on the exhibition space showcasing the children’s artwork from the project. During the concept development process, I took on the roles of an interior designer and art director, and artist. Throughout the exhibition, my aim was to showcase the theme of Ukraine in a modern way.”

For the exhibition, Anna combined artwork from Liverpool and Ukraine and organised the showing of works from Ukrainian artist Olena Konohorova . The exhibition featured fabric and wallpaper by Liverpudlian designer Rebecca Christian, which incorporated traditional Liver birds in Ukrainian colours. Anna also created a photo zone art installation called “Ukrainian Soul,” which filled a room with suspended flowers.

What’s next for Anna?

Anna is currently looking for clients, building her portfolio, and working on the website for Troian Studios. She is aiming to encourage sustainability within her industry and bring Ukrainian design influence into her future projects.

“I want to promote the use of higher-quality items that are not discarded after a year, as well as encourage furniture reuse, recycling, upcycling, and a focus on quality rather than just price. Educating customers about this balance of sustainable use is also a priority.

“Since finding The Women’s Organisation, I’ve had the opportunity to attend several professional workshops on business planning and accounting, as well as personal sessions with coach Anne-Marie Swift. I am incredibly happy to be a part of this women’s community; they are amazing people.”

Anna has achieved so much in a short space of time. We have no doubt that she will reach her goals and we are looking forward to following her journey.

About Troian Studios

Troian Studio offers a comprehensive approach to design tasks, including interior design from scratch, design of pre-existing spaces, and furniture selection and delivery. Their team consists of specialists with specific areas of expertise, and they provide both private and commercial design services. Through collaboration with a team in Ukraine, they offer a unique service for a highly competitive price. Find out more via the links below:

Email: troian.design@gmail.com
Website: https://troian.design/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/troian.studio/
Phone: 44-073-88-352-921